This post started with horse pictures but ended up with a lot of fainting goat pictures. You have to admit, they are extremely cute! Most of these pictures were taken last week. I’ve gotten behind on getting my pictures posted again despite the fact that I finally ended up skipping a few months completely! We are seasonably dry right now and the grass has started to reflect that in the last few days. It still looks fresh and growing in these pictures but is definitely looking dry in certain areas of the farm right now. This is typical for us in the summer.

We have a busy day tomorrow with a lot going on so I’m going to finish this post basically as soon as I started it!





Bubba staring me down while I prepared feed one morning (as usual I feel the need to point out that I had nothing to do with naming him)

Harmony and MyLight

Mina resting

Jason and Mina

Jason playing with Jo on the teeter totter

Jo sticking her tongue out

Jo looking a bit more dignified

Jason holding Jo

Two fainting goats and a rooster

Jo giving kisses to Jason

Mina and a rooster