After what felt like days of endless rain the last couple of days have been wonderful. Mid 70’s and sunshine, my favorite weather. I can tell the horses have loved it as well, they’ve looked even more relaxed and serene than they normally do. I’ve had some great rides on Bonnie and Lexi as well.

Nothing too exciting has gone around here the last few days – just the way I like it! We have been integrating Winston in with his new roomies and he has settled in with them beautifully. From start to finish I think I heard one squeal, the whole process couldn’t have gone any better. That is the most interesting thing that has happened this week. Hopefully the rest of the week will continue on in the same way.

Winston and Faune
Baby on the left, Elfin in the back, Homer in the front


Apollo and Levendi up front, Dustin, Tony and Ivan in the back

Tony and Dustin


Lucky, Clay, Lightening, Chili, Teddy

Lucky and Chili grooming each other


The goats; Billy and Bubba in the front with Jo and Mina in the background