Jason and I are celebrating our wedding anniversary today. After a few years of marriage we both still like each other a lot so I think we’re on the right track! I wish he would pick up his dirty socks and he wishes I would shut up about it but all in all we don’t have too many complaints. We had a nice dinner at Stoney River Steakhouse.

You might remember that we helped Jason’s friend out by letting him film a portion of his horse nutrition video at the farm. As a thank you he gave us a gift certificate to Stoney River. A couple of months ago we finally got around to using our gift certificate . . . except we forgot to take it with us. However we did manage to remember to bring it along tonight.

This morning the chiropractor was out to work on Bonnie and Lexi bright and early. I thought it would be a good idea to have them both looked at and they were actually adjusted last week as well. They will be adjusted again in two weeks and then they should be fine to be on a six month maintenance program. I mentioned that Lexi had her left hind stifle injected a couple of weeks ago. Well, as it turns out her sacroiliac joint was out of alignment (apparently WAY out) so that was most likely a major contributor to her stifle issue. I wish I hadn’t waited to have the chiro out. Bonnie’s always been a lot fussier about her right lead than her left and there was a huge difference for the better after her adjustment last week as well.

Thankfully this week has continued to stay very quiet and hopefully that will continue through the weekend.

Amy leading Ogie with the rest of the gang following along
The rooster hanging out on Faune’s stall door
He was being extremely social and even let Amy pet him; we don’t have the guts to try and pet the Don though

Lexi being adjusted

Buster thought the leaves were tasty

Buster is one big cow


O’Reilly and Bridget

Winston loves having friends; Faune in the front and Ogie and Winston in the back

Bella peering through the grass