One of the things I enjoy doing the most is simply watching the horses. It is good for the soul to watch happy and content horses just hanging out. All weekend long it seemed everywhere you looked you could see horses grooming each other, horses napping and horses playing. These are sights that can be seen most any day, but sometimes I forget to take the time to simply watch and enjoy the sights. Unfortunately I did not have my camera with me more often than I did this weekend and I missed so many wonderful photo opportunities. Below are some of the sights from the weekend. Enjoy!
We had a lot of rain last week. This is Winston splashing around in the drainage ditch where the water drains from my arena. As you can see in the video splashing was not enough, he had to lay down and roll!
A group grooming session on Sunday afternoon. Cuff Links and Harmony were grooming each other as were Maisie and Lily.

Trigger and Levendi grazing; (Elfin is the napper in the background)

Ivan and Thomas; the 3 dots behind them are Baby, Tony and Chance
Hemi hanging out
A picture of Cuff Links and Harmony grooming each other
Sebastian following Jason through the pasture
Murphy telling us what he thought of Jason’s company on Friday afternoonClay and Fuzzy
Maisie and MyLight (and Bella the dog)
Toledo, Clayton, Kennedy, Johnny and Stormy
Cuff Links, Missy and MyLight hanging out under the trees
Johnny and Jason
Clayton and Toledo (and the ever present Bella the dog)
Clayton continued to watch Bella as she made her way through the pasture
B-Rad and Tiny playing
Winston and Faune