Like any good horse person I have lots of horse-themed holiday decorations. Most of them have been found by my mom who is amazing at finding great stuff to decorate with. I rarely get past the tack store and the feed store so I’m not the best at decorating. Following are a few of my horse ornaments courtesy of my mom. To everyone Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Feliz Navidad, Happy Holidays etc.!

Huntsman Santa with his hound
My mare Bridget with her foal Lexi (Lexi is now 4). My mom painted their faces and socks so they would be correct – 4 socks on Bridget and 3 socks on Lexi. My mom is awesome, and she probably just wants my tree to look half decent!! She gave me this for Lexi’s first Christmas.

The horses need carrots of course!

Horse ornament

Horse trailer complete with horse inside which unfortunately doesn’t show up in the picture. Did I mention my mom is the best?

She even made a brush jump for my tree

Christmas saddle

Hunting horn

Grooming box – my mom just continues to outdo herself every year