It is hard to believe that ten days ago we were waiting for the snow to melt from our third snow/ice event in a two week period. We went from not really having winter, to three weeks of winter, to spring. 
Last week it rained every. single. day. for I think seven days in a row.  Sometimes it rained most of the day, some days we only had a couple of random showers, but it rained Every Day. However it was warm and the grass, trees and flowers responded to the warm rain with a smile. It finally stopped raining early Saturday morning and it has been sunny and warm every day since. Yesterday and today we made it to 79F/27C. I wore a sleeveless shirt with my jeans. No more Michelin Man look. Jason wore shorts, a t-shirt and a sun hat. It has been glorious.
Jason spent the last couple of days on the tractor re-seeding various areas in the pastures. He also got the lawn mower ready for use as the grass in the lawn areas will need to be cut in another couple of days. That makes it harder to believe that ten days ago we were waiting for round three of snow and ice to melt.  I’ve been putting callouses on my hands with the shedding blade, tidying up manes and tails, and thoroughly enjoying grooming horses in the sunshine.
Happy Spring!
Johnny and Africa
Lighty and Mick
pretty sunrise with the moon still in the sky
Rocky and River being playful

Clayton and Rubrico having fun

I love this shot where they both going for the other one’s leg
Walon and Oskar

Sam and Nemo