It has been almost eight months since Igor joined us as another WebbPet addition. He has come a long way from the scared, starved, abandoned kitten Jason and Carter found at a gas station right after Christmas. He is now nine or ten months old. He’s definitely on the small side and I don’t know if it is because of his severe starvation, if he was the runt of the litter, if he’s going to have some late growth spurts, or if he is simply a small cat. He looks bigger in pictures than he does in person.

Igor has long ago moved on from hiding in the back corner of the feed room to interacting with the horses, chasing bugs, and generally keeping an eye on his kingdom. His kingdom thankfully remains rather small, and he considers the front barn and the pastures surrounding it to be his territory.

Igor can proudly make the claim that he has his very own air conditioning unit. A few weeks ago I insisted that Jason purchase an AC unit for the office of the front barn to make sure Igor was comfortable when he was shut in there at night. Between Oscar with his heated house and Igor with his AC unit, I would say our stray cats are prepared for all weather events. Being a WebbPet is really a great gig to have in life.

Igor surveying his kingdomimg_4020-800x600

Igor and Jasonaugust-igor-2-800x600


Igor isn’t the best feed time supervisor, he does lots of laying down on the jobimg_2629-800x600

Igor in one of his favorite sunning spotsimg_2687-800x600

Igor on top of the world . . . or at least on top of a stallimg_3550-800x600

helping me soak feeimg_3577-800x600

Igor hanging out at the water trough with Duesyimg_3936-600x800

Havana and Igorimg_3986-800x600

stalking through the grassimg_4077-800x600


Igor says, “you can’t see me . . . but I can see you”img_4912-800x600

cat rubs from Jason

Igor and Bruno

Norman and Dawnimg_2158-800x600

Homer and Moeimg_2896-600x800

Lily and Maisie groomingimg_3117-800x600


Hemi and Thomas groomingimg_3649-800x600

Taylor tried to stay awake . . . img_4207-800x600

. . . but he gave upimg_4206-800x600

Mick and Paramountimg_4335-800x600

Merlin and Remmy groomingimg_4695-800x600

Hesse and Baner groomingimg_4698-800x600

Havana and Fabrizzio grooming (Alfie rolling behind them)img_4815-800x600

Gus, Wilson, Walon, Magic, Johnny, Ripley, Toledo and Rubricoimg_4882-800x600

Digby and Blu groomingimg_4931-600x800


Alfie and Bruno groomingimg_5664-800x600

 Mina having an extra lazy morning with Miss Lyle looking onjuly-goats-2-800x600