It has been awhile since I posted any pictures of Jason looking miserable while dealing with a plumbing problem. Those pictures are always so charming, usually involving Jason standing in muddy water looking distinctly unhappy.  A few days ago I had an opportunity to update my folder of pictures where Jason is standing in muddy water while repairing a plumbing issue. 
This picture is so deja vue – Jason in his rubber boots standing in muddy water
Jason was most unhappy when I pointed out to him that he had shoveled the dirt into his work boots as he dug up the line. 
You probably don’t need me to tell you what Jason was saying as I took his picture. You should be able to get the general idea just from looking at his expression.
As always Jason came to the water line rescue (gotta put that university degree to work). He doesn’t exactly look happy in this picture, but he at least looks a lot less unhappy.
This time around we were dealing with a mess we did not create. We had never had great water pressure at the very back barn which is no surprise given that it is at the end of 3,000 feet of water line. We had a contractor in who installed several pressure regulators at various points along the line and maybe some other stuff that I don’t really understand. The only thing I did understand was that after all of it was done our water pressure at the back was even worse, which was pretty much the opposite effect that we were expecting.
Jason was completely perplexed by this and traipsed all over the farm digging the lines up where these pressure regulators had been installed. He couldn’t find anything wrong and did not find any leaks. There was a lot of talking to himself and screaming at no one, mostly along the lines of  “WHY did this not work? WHY is the water pressure even worse?”
After two days of digging, talking to himself and screaming at no one, he finally decided to remove one of the pressure regulators and put a new one in at a different point along the water line. This of course involved multiple trips to Home Depot. The first trip to get the parts he needed, and the rest of the trips to get the parts he did not realize he needed.  You know how that goes.  
After he got all of that done we turned on the water at the last spigot with a lot of trepidation. Over the last couple of days we had turned that spigot on over and over hoping for good results and always getting bad results. Jason was already talking to himself and screaming at no one, “WHY won’t this work” when the water came gushing out with a lot of pressure, more water pressure than we had ever had at the last spigot. We left the water running for awhile to make sure the pressure did not fall off. It didn’t. Jason was victorious at last. 
Jason had desperately hoped to avoid digging up water lines, standing in muddy water, and dealing with disassembling and reassembling water lines. Instead he got to pay someone to do with the mess, then deal with it all himself on top of that. The best laid plans . . .  never quite seem to work out as planned.
the sun was struggling to make an appearance through the fog this morning
Thomas borrowing Jason’s phone to check his email
Flyer, Faune and Silver coming on the run through the fog for breakfast
Lotus and Romeo 
MyLight and Calimba
Apollo, Moe and Levendi
Possibly our newest resident on the farm. He/she watched me feeding horses for quite awhile yesterday morning.
A picture full of pony ‘tude; Cuff Links, Norman and Traveller