It doesn’t happen very often, but every now and again I have a truly bright idea, and today was such a day. It’s been my experience that the right thing to do when such an idea pops into my head is act on it right away, so I threw the schedule out the window and stopped by Gigi’s Cupcakes on my way home from our Lynnville farm to pick up a half dozen treats for Melissa.

For those who are unfamiliar with the cupcake store concept, Gigi’s is a *very* feminine place; everything in the store is done in shades of pink and even the air is perfumed. They clearly don’t see a lot of farmers dressed in chore clothes in their store unless said farmer has done something very wrong. I know this is so because after the girls behind the counter got done giggling at me one of them asked what I had done wrong and did I think a half dozen cupcakes was really enough to get me out of the doghouse ? I grinned triumphantly and said I hadn’t done anything wrong and that this purchase of cupcakes was designed to do nothing except put a smile on my hard working wife’s face (and put some points in the bank against my next screw up, but I didn’t feel the need to share that part).

When I got home, I presented Melissa with her cupcakes and waited diligently for my pat on the head and word of praise. I waited a long time. It took me twenty minutes to convince her that I really hadn’t done anything wrong and that for once in my life I was being thoughtful rather than a scheming miscreant bent on reducing the damage. (Melissa here; This is true. When Jason came home with a box of Gigi’s Cupcakes I said “What did you do?” He kept insisting he didn’t do anything and sticking to that story. I finally believed him.)

I don’t know what the moral of the story is except to say that spending a ridiculous sum of money on half a dozen cupcakes seems ludicrous until you think about what it is you are buying. Just like the credit card companies say, cupcakes, $ 18; peace and harmony in the house; priceless ! 🙂

Cloudy giving Jason a high five

Family picture: Miracle, Jason and Jo

Sky and Miracle grazing together early this morning

Silky and Chili chatting over the fence

Justin, B-Rad, Alex and Sebastian

Dutch and Wiz


Gus and Romeo

Johnny being annoying, Clayton being tolerant

Kennedy, Rocky, Stormy, Rampal and Tiny

Missy and Cuff Links


Winston and Faune