For the first time in three years we had measurable winter precipitation at the farm that stayed on the ground for a couple of days. We had one morning last winter where we had snow on the ground for less than two hours, but otherwise we have missed all snow chances the last few years. That changed Friday morning and we had maybe an inch of snow.  The horses were excited, Carter was thrilled, the adults were briefly excited and then ready for the snow to melt. Carter made snow angels and finally got to ride on his sled for the first time. The horses had no idea what to make of Carter being pulled on his sled by the Kubota and there was a lot of stopping and staring.

As of this afternoon our snow is 75% melted, and there remains only a dusting on the ground in the shaded areas. The last of the snow will melt tomorrow. It was fun while it lasted.


 I took these pictures Friday morning while it was still snowing; by Friday afternoon the snow had completely melted off the driveway


Hesse and Remmyimg_3477

Havana and Fabrizzioimg_3480

Cino and Merlinimg_3493

Baner, Merlin and Cinoimg_3494

Baner and Cinoimg_3495


Romeo, Donneur and Loftyimg_3502

Lotus, Silver and Gusimg_3504


Walden and Duesyimg_3508

Digby and Johnnyimg_3511

B-Rad and Paramountimg_3514

Mick and Tacoimg_3515

Nemo and Mielimg_3518





a little snow didn’t stop Maisie and Calimba from having a grooming sessionimg_3548

Cuffie and Dawnimg_3551

Norman and MyLightimg_3553

Carter being pulled on his sled, this garnered a lot of attention from the horses . . . img_3556

. . . Rip and Grand . . . img_3557

. . . Wilson was extremely interested in the sledding . . . img_3560

. . . Roho . . .img_3561

. . . Rubrico and River . . .img_3566

. . . Rocky wasn’t too impressed by the sledding but Toledo was . . . img_3567

. . . Charlotte, Calimba and Renattaimg_3573

Lily and Dollyimg_3574


Chance and Conveyimg_3596

Walon and Johnny having funimg_3598


Baby, Homer and Thomasimg_3608

Lightning and Merlinimg_3617




Johnny and Happyimg_3648

Remmy playing with a bucketimg_3651

Gibson, Flyer, Faune and Silverimg_3659

Levendi napping with Ciscoimg_3632-1280x960

Revy and Moeimg_3635-1280x960

Nemo, Happy, Paramount and Mickimg_3663

Chance and Conveyimg_3676

Trigger and Homerimg_3683

Moe and Kingimg_3686

Blu and Sebastianimg_3662-1280x960

Sparky, Sabrina and Bonnieimg_3691

Lotus was happy I took his blanket off this afternoonimg_3692