The body clipping marathon has continued this week with two more done. The plan, weather permitting, is to clip four horses tomorrow. If that happens we will have hit the halfway point in exactly one week. I’ve hit the point where I feel like I’m permanently covered in hair, especially in those locations where it makes you itchy. Horse hair in the mouth is another familiar feeling these days. Six body clips down, many more to go . . .

Revy soaped and ready for rinsing while King waits his turn; the both look like they would prefer to be doing something elseimg_0603-800x600

Revy nice and shiny post clip aside from the dirt. How did he get so dirty? I let go of him and thought I’d get a quick picture. Instead he dropped and rolled as seen below . . . img_0633-800x600

Revy says, “this is what I think of your  hope to get a ‘clipped and shiny’ picture”img_0617-800x600

“Are you ready to take my picture now?”img_0618-800x600

King telling me I had better be done because he was doneimg_0625-800x600 img_0429-800x634

I didn’t feed quite as early as normal yesterday because I waited for some of the heavy fog to lift. My lateness was noticed. L-R Homer, Hemi, Moe, Thomas and Apollo . . . img_0581-800x600

. . . L-R Rip, Grand, Elfin, Homer, Hemi, Moeimg_0585-800x600

Digby and B-Radimg_0586-800x600

Remmy and Merlinimg_0588-800x600

Walon and Toledoimg_0609-800x600

Donovan, Wilson and Johnnyimg_0610-800x569

Rubrico and Rockyimg_0611-800x600

Gibson and Flyerimg_0654-800x600


Romeo and Lotusimg_3323-800x635

Taco and Nemoimg_3330-800x600