We are continuing with the same theme we had last week of running a marathon at a sprint pace. We’ve seen a lot of the dentist the last couple of weeks and had more quality dental time today. Tomorrow is one of our most least favorite days of the year, vaccination day. It is more accurately Vaccination Day part 1 tomorrow. Three years ago we got smart and began splitting vaccination day into two days. We’ll vaccinate half the horses tomorrow and half the horses next week. I have no doubt that all of the runners are resting up for the big day tomorrow. Since I am the one that usually has to chase the runners down I’m signing off so I can start resting within an hour or two myself. 5am stubbornly insists on coming early. 
Rubrico and River waiting to have their teeth floated
the dentist’s assistant giving River’s had a resting place while he has his teeth floated
Bonnie, Sparky, Timbit and Griselle
I thought this picture of MyLight and Calimba turned out quite nicely
Remmy and Merlin
Thomas and Hemi
Sebastian and B-Rad
Mick and Nemo having a very tough day
Oskar and Kennedy
Baby, Tony and Trigger
Homer and Moe