Blu staring longingly at his pasture while having a bath. Blu was part of our marathon Thursday when we clipped four horses; Blu, Taco, Sebastian and Paramount. Since our last blog post on Wednesday we’ve clipped eight more horsesimg_0684-800x600

Sebastian and Paramount ready for clippingimg_0689-800x600

Paramount in progressimg_0691-800x600

Taco in progress and looking so thrilledimg_0692-800x600

Paramount finished and ready to go back outimg_0696-600x800

Sebastian in progessimg_0701-800x600

Blu in progressimg_0706-800x600

Sebastian and Taco were not into posing for after picturesimg_0714-800x600

Blu finished and headed back to his pastureimg_0718-800x600

Taco was off at a gallop the moment his halter was removedimg_0720-800x600

Sebastian and Paramount did not hang around with the humans eitherimg_0724-800x600


Wilson liked to make sure he was being scrubbed thoroughly while having a bath; Wilson and Rubrico were clipped on Fridayimg_0758-800x600

Rubrico and Wilson after their baths and ready for clippingimg_0759-800x600

I forgot to take “official” post clip pictures of Rubrico and Wilson. Rubrico after his clip

Wilson with Ripley after his clipimg_0826-800x600

Rip and Cuffie were clipped on Saturday; Rip lathered up during his pre-clip bathimg_0857-800x600

Rip pre clipimg_0884-800x600

Rip post clipimg_0899-800x600

Cuffie drying after his bathimg_0941-800x600

Cuffie in progressimg_0942-800x600

Cuffie was not interested in posing for an after picture . . .img_0944-800x600

. . . if looks could kill I would be dead . . . img_0945-800x600

. . . but Cuffie posed happily for me once he was back in his fieldimg_0950-800x600

Walden, Duesy and Havanaimg_0322-800x600

Levendi and Moeimg_0337-800x600

Happy and Johnnyimg_0364-800x600

Digby and Blu saying, “were you looking for us? We’re right behind you.”img_0368-800x600

Grand, Rip and Elfin are almost never late for breakfast; they’re always watching and waitingimg_0449-800x600

Cocomo and Donneur looked pretty in the morning sun . . . img_0675-800x600

. . . as did Loftyimg_0677-800x600

Mick, Digby, Johnny, Happy, Sam and Nemo . . .img_0732-800x600

. . .Mick, Sam, Digby, Johnny and Paramountimg_0734-800x600


Traveller and Lilyimg_0782-800x600


Thomas, Hemi and Apolloimg_3325-800x674