Instead of March Madness this post will be media madness. Enjoy the videos and pictures and I hope everyone has a great weekend! As you can see from the video and pictures below Miracle is doing well and seems to be pretty happy with life!


Miracle and Sky running around in the arena

Geldings being frisky; the main “players” are Rampal, Johnny and Tiny

Chimano and Asterik playing Some pictures of Miracle and Sky being frisky in the arena; I think they are both saying “wheeeeeee!” in this picture.

Miracle in the lead
Matching flagged tails
Go Miracle! All 4 feet off the ground!
Running side by side
Finally starting to wind down
Despite our crummy weather the last few days spring is trying hard to stick around. The trees think it is still spring. Chili
Toledo and Rocky passing a quiet afternoon
Fuzzy Punch (better known as “The Fuzz!”)
Darby, Alex and B-Rad
Tiny, Johnny and Stormy
Maisie and MyLight
Cuff Links, Harmony and Missy
Sebastian and B-Rad
Dutch and Wiz