There is a law somewhere that says Southern girls aren’t allowed to sweat. At the very most, when the heat and humidity reach sauna like intensity, a faint glow of perspiration coats their brow which they gently wipe away with a lace cloth. A brief wave of a funeral home fan followed by a sip of mint julep and a short commentary along the lines of, “Goodness, it’s warm!” puts everything right in their world again. Or so the story goes anyway.

I’ve written at some length in previous posts about our thermostat wars, our time in Vermont and our return to Tennessee and what that all means for me ( I’m uncomfortably HOT much of the time !). But today is one for the record books because by God Melissa broke a sweat and it’s only early MAY ! Of course she was working pretty hard and it was 85 degrees. And even today after five minutes of sitting in the shade Melissa was completely refreshed while I still looked like I’d just been swimming, but still, I take victories where I can (shallow though they may be).


Lightening and Noble




Hemi and Levendi

Elfin, Chance and Leo

Lily and Missy

Chimano, Romeo and George leading the way

Gus, Romeo, Chimano, Faune, Silver and Fonzi