As you saw in a previous post Jason started construction on new housing for the World’s Cutest Fainting Goats a couple of weeks ago.  Jason made sure the engineering was top notch and proudly told me as he was showing me the finished product that it could stand up to a hurricane. I told him that was great. What I didn’t say was that we don’t get hurricanes in Tennessee but I figured why ruin the moment.
You may remember this conversation from that previous post as I attempted to discuss with Jason the aesthetics of the goat condo. Our chat went like this:  
Me: You bought black shingles?
Jason:  Yes. So?
Me: This won’t match the other run-ins and barns. They all have red roofs, now this one is going to have a black roof. Shouldn’t we take these back and get red shingles?
Jason:  silence
Me:  Is there going to be a cupola on the roof like the other run-in sheds?
Jason:  silence
Me:  But all of the horse run-in sheds have cupolas.
Jason:  silence
Me:  We’ll at least put a weathervane on the roof, right?
Jason:  silence
Me:  We’re going to paint it white, right? Because all of the horse run-in sheds are white.
Jason:  silence
Me:  I feel like I’m talking to myself.
Jason:  silence
Me:  Well, this conversation has been very productive. I feel like we settled a lot of things. 
Jason:  silence
As you can see in the picture below our goat shed is some kind of light brownish/beige color, the shingles are black, and there is no cupola or weathervane. So I guess was, indeed, talking to myself.  So much for making sure the goat run-in fell into the same general color scheme as the horse run-ins. 
the goat run-in shed ready for use
You might recall that Jason was hastening to build the goats their new run-in shed because Mina absolutely did not approve of the fact that her new paddock had only a couple of dogloos for shelter. Mina was not interested in taking shelter in a dogloo. Mina the Czarina definitely felt she was above using a dogloo.  
The morning after Jason completed the non-white, black-shingled, non cupola bearing goat run-in shed he called me. He was feeding horses by the goat paddock and I was feeding horses at the front of the farm. I answered the phone and Jason said “guess where Mina is right now.”
I replied “in her brand new run-in shed??”
There was silence for a moment and then Jason said in a very not-amused voice “she’s in the dogloo.”
I will admit I almost died laughing at that point. There were so many different ways I could say I told you so that I couldn’t even pick one. I simply couldn’t get one out because I was laughing so hard at the image of Jason standing there, proudly looking at his hurricane-proof goat shed, only to realize that Mina was in the dogloo. The very dogloo she had been refusing to use for the last couple of weeks.  I never said that she was in the dogloo and not the hurricane-proof shed because it wasn’t white, the shingles were the wrong color or because there was no cupola. I never said any of that. I didn’t have to because Mina did all the talking for me. Actions speak louder than words. 
Since that day Mina has lowered herself to use the aesthetically mis-matched goat run-in shed. However I am sure it wears on her pride every day that the horses have prettier sheds than she does. Undoubtedly she is counting down the days until Jason decides to do renovate and remodel. I haven’t had the heart to tell her that she will probably be waiting for a long, long time.
Dolly, Lily and Cinnamon
Kennedy and Donovan
some of the horses having a relaxing afternoon. I could tell it was Baby on the far right but I needed to zoom in to see the rest . . . 
. . . it was Grand . . . 

. . . and Moe and Tony
Noble and Lucky
MyLight and Silky
Cuffie, Norman and Calimba
you can barely see her but that is Lily grazing in the morning sun
Walon lifted his head to look at me as I took this picure but Kennedy, Toledo and Johnny couldn’t be bothered
watching the sun make its entrance this morning