We had a big day yesterday here at Paradigm Farms ! We’ve been busy from early until very late this week and every day as we drove by Lyle’s home we’d look for her out in her pasture. We got done in good time yesterday and it was a picture perfect sunny fall afternoon, so I suggested that we stop and see about Lyle on our way home. Our intent was to come back with the horse trailer the following day to pick her up but the kind lady who gave Lyle to us insisted that she had a large pet carrier we could borrow to bring Lyle home. Instead of waiting another day to get her, she wound up coming home with us immediately !

Mina and Jo, World’s Cutest Fainting Goats, along with Bubba the stray goat, were all pretty shocked when we pulled in the driveway with a new creature yesterday afternoon. After a couple of hours of tentative sniffing, Mina and Jo got bossy. However, it really didn’t last long. We left everybody in the half acre goat pen last night to better get acquainted and this morning it was obvious that everyone had settled into a truce. Lyle watched Mina and Jo pretty closely all day today but not because she was nervous (as she was yesterday). Today, whatever Mina and Jo were doing, Lyle did too. When Mina and Jo were grazing, Lyle grazed. When Mina and Jo were laying down, Lyle was down too !

As for her name, well, it looks like Lyle is going to stick, but this being the south her name will be prefaced with Miss and as she grows older, Miz. She’s feisty, and I believe her name will be a good fit.

Please join me in welcoming our newest permanent resident, Miss Lyle the goat.

(Post written by Jason)
Jason and Miss Lyle meeting each other yesterday afternoon

wondering why this strange man is holding her; poor thing had no idea what was in store for her!

meeting Mina and Jo

poking her head out from the goat condo

Miss Lyle

checking out the goat condo

if you can’t tell we think she is really cute

grazing with Bubba and Mina

Mina, Jo and Miss Lyle

Mina, Jo and Miss Lyle hanging out together

Darby napping with Alex and B-Rad grazing

then Alex napped while Darby and B-Rad grazed

Noble and Lightening

Levendi and Homer


Moe, Tony and Baby hanging out

Ivan and Apollo grooming

Johnny and Rampal grooming

Apollo, Chance napping, Leo hanging out, Thomas and Hemi grazing