There’s probably no one around to read this post thanks to the long holiday weekend but I’m writing it anyway. There are no such things as holiday weekends when you run a farm so we are business as usual. My mom asked what Jason and I were going to be doing for Labor Day. My response was “laboring.” I say that in good humor, not in complaint.

Heading in at the end of a long day of mowing

We’ve also spent the last couple of days introducing B-Rad to his new roomies. He is out with his “brother” Trillion and that gang. I predicted that B-Rad would buddy up with Asterik and wow was I right. I told Jason that B-Rad and Asterik are like two people newly in love who can’t keep their hands off each other and put on blatant displays of public affection. In fact I would go so far as to say it is almost like they are sharing one brain between them. They are constantly grooming each other and I’ve yet to see them more than a a few feet away from each other. I’m sure there total infatuation will probably cool off some but they are BFF right now. B-Rad seems blissfully happy to be out with friends. Hope everyone enjoys their holiday weekend!

B-Rad and Asterik
Asterik and B-Rad again

Buffy, MyLight and Harmony

A small part of our visiting flock of geese hanging out by the pond

Trillion had a spa day, a bath and then grooming
Missy, MyLight using Buffy as her personal head rest, Harmony and Cuffie
Homer (in front) was heading somewhere in a hurry; Baby is behind him

Harmony and Cuffie

Although Lily looks cooperative here she was not. happy. about having a bath!

Ivan and Apollo enjoy a meal together

Dustin, Tony and Baby decided they wanted to be in a “chestnuts with white” picture
Then Leo decided he should of course be included in the chestnuts with white picture (Leo is on the far right; Baby, Dustin, Tony, Leo.