The picture of Charlotte and Norman grooming below is my pick for picture of the week. It isn’t a particularly good picture as far as the quality of just about any aspect of the picture, but the content of the picture is what is so surprising to me. I was grooming some of the horses in Norman’s pasture and happened to look up and see Norman and Charlotte having a grooming session. I was at the opposite end of the pasture and had to use the full zoom on my camera, but I was not letting that moment pass without a picture. 
We all know that Norman is quite the lady’s man, I’ve often written about the pony wars.  Almost without exception, every mare that meets Norman falls in love with him. They don’t fall a little bit in love, they fall hard. The problem is that Norman never wants to move the relationship past a certain point. He doesn’t want to get engaged, and he isn’t even going to think about getting married. He doesn’t want to move in together. He doesn’t even want you to leave a toothbrush at his house. He just wants to hang out and have a good time. That’s it, nothing more. The second Norman catches a whiff of a mare wanting more he’s out of there. 
Over the last three months both Charlotte and Renatta have been friendly with Norman since they arrived, but they otherwise seemed immune to his charms. He was just another pal in the pasture, nothing more. I commented to Jason a few days ago that I was noticing Renatta with Norman more and more which surprised me. Then over a couple of days I saw Charlotte near Norman a lot. I was stunned when I looked up and saw the cozy, intimate grooming session happening yesterday. 
Charlotte is full of herself, independent, the type of girl that doesn’t need a guy in her life and is ready to take on the world. I never, ever thought she would give a player like Norman more than a polite hello. Yet there they were, off by themselves in the pasture, grooming and nuzzling each other. 
I don’t know if Charlotte started noticing Renatta’s increasing interest in Norman and it sparked her competitive nature or just exactly how their tryst came about. I do know that I am now convinced that Norman’s abilities to charm the ladies are officially awe inspiring. I keep telling all the mares they need to read the book “He’s Just Not That In To You” but they never listen. Norman strikes again. 
Norman and Charlotte enjoying an intimate encounter off by themselves
MyLight and Calimba; Calimba falls for Norman over and over again. I can’t believe she continues to take him back. 
Fabrizzio and Havana grooming
Faune and Silver grooming
Grooming was in the air around here the last few days; Cinnamon and Traveller

Gus and Lofty
Asterik and George

Toledo and Rocky
Lighty and Miel
Remmy and Cino