This seems to be the year of the turkey for me, or maybe the spring of the turkey. As mentioned in a previous post I had a close encounter with a turkey a couple of weeks ago, way to close for my comfort. Every morning as I go about my morning chores I now hear turkeys making their gobbling noises. There appears to be a flock that have nested near the rear perimeter fence of the farm. Today I saw a couple of turkeys on the side of the road, about a mile from the farm, and they had their tail feathers all fanned out. If I thought they looked big before they look huge with their feathers fanned out! Jason teases me and says I should buy some turkey calls and start calling the turkeys. Ummm, no thanks, I didn’t enjoy my first up close and personal encounter with a turkey and have no desire to have another one! I don’t care that the turkey was supposedly more scared of me (blah, blah, blah).In other news Jason and I met with a couple of fence contractors last week and are hopefully going to start phase one of fencing soon. We’re going to have them put up about 6,000 feet of four board fence which will make a field of approximately 40 acres. Once that is done we will only have about 24,000 feet of fence to go (!) to have the farm completely perimeter fenced as well as cross fenced. We also hope to have a run-in shed or two built in the near future. We currently spend a lot of time fighting . . . er, I mean discussing . . . barn layouts. It is nice to finally have real plans starting to shape up and come together for our new farm. I have to remind myself that this will be a work in progress and that even after we move it will be awhile before we have things exactly as we want them. If only money were absolutely no object! Or maybe I should start buying lottery tickets. I don’t think I’ve ever in my life bought a lottery ticket.Farrier day tomorrow, off to make up the list!Levendi, Apollo and Ivan playing n the pond, followed by the mad dash around the pond by Levendi. Thank you Hemi’s mom for taking this video while you were visiting. She got to see just how many amazing picture and video opportunities I miss every day!

IvanLucky, Lightening and Chili Clay and Teddy

Buffy and MyLight
Tony having a good scratch on the fence
Lucky and Chili
Snappy, Teddy and Lightening
Dustin, Trigger and Levendi

Apollo, Ivan, Leo, Homer, Chance, Elfin