Both in the comments and in my e-mails people often ask me which gray horse is which. We have a lot of gray horses retired with us. I love it since I’ve never personally owned a gray but always wanted one. So now I “have” several! Today we’re having a little primer on gray horses. Maybe we’ll even have a pop quiz at the end to see who paid attention!

Cuff Links; Cuffie is a welsh pony and retired from doing the pony hunters Asterik; Asterik is a holsteiner and had a very impressive career doing both the big jumpers and the hunters as well
Buffy; Buffy is a thoroughbred mare and retired show hunter

Homer; Homer is an Irish Thoroughbred and retired show hunter

Ivan; Ivan is a thoroughbred and retired Grand Prix jumper

Harmony; Harmony is a thoroughbred mare and retired polo pony

Traveller; Traveller is also a welsh pony and retired from the pony huntersSebastian; Sebastian is a Connemara/Irish Draught cross and he apparently could do just about anything. Sebi was a fox hunter in Ireland and also here in the States and also showed in the hunters and the jumpers

Lightening; Lightening is an Arabian and retired trail horse from Colorado

And that is it for gray horses on the farm! I decided to be nice and skip the pop quiz at the end.