After taking care of the horses one of the biggest jobs I have running the retirement farm is communicating with the owners. It is really important to them (for obvious reasons) to feel informed and involved as much as possible about their horse(s). A picture is worth a thousand words, and nothing brings more peace of mind or comfort than regular “visuals” of your horse. It lets you picture them in the right setting, see who their friends are and generally have an idea of where and how they spend their time.

My camera had been enduring a long and painful death the last couple of weeks after being dropped on the concrete aisle in the barn. You couldn’t use the zoom AT ALL so if I was more than 4 feet away you weren’t going to see much in the picture, if anything moved much it would take a blurry picture, sometimes it would not turn on, and my favorite was sometimes it would not turn off.

Of course I’m pretty busy around here and finding the time to go shop for a new camera was not happening, so I finally just ordered one off the internet. I’ve been playing around with it for a day now and am very happy so far. A nice SLR was at the top of my list, but reality is my hands are usually occupied and I just have the camera shoved in my pocket and I pull it out to take a quick picture or video. We aren’t exactly roving the farm with camera in hand and nothing else to do but take pictures/video. So a point and shoot really serves my uses better although I enjoy photography and would like a nice SLR. I ended up ordering a Canon PowerShot G9, and so far I really like it for my purposes. Here are a few scenes from around the farm with the new camera:

Partly Cloudy, aka “Cloudy”, the best barn cat ever

Enjoying the fan

Going after an itchy spot
breakfast time
It is a nice life if you can get it