Carter was pretty excited this morning when we he got up and saw the snow coming down. He was convinced that today would be the day to build his snowman. Jason and Melissa were less enthusiastic since the farrier was scheduled to be here for a couple of hours this morning.  It is very rare that Jason and I ever reschedule a service provider, be it a vet, farrier or dentist. We didn’t reschedule today either, the work must go on. 
Despite the presence of on and off flurries most of the day by this afternoon you couldn’t tell anything had happened. The only exception was the trace amounts of snow in the shaded areas. Carter’s snowman dreams were foiled again. I’m beginning to worry he will be graduating from high school before he gets his chance to build his snowman. This is his third winter of unfulfilled snowman dreams. It’s still February so there is still some hope but not much hope. Maybe we should buy an artificial snow machine from a ski resort. The horses would love it as much as Carter!
Baby, Moe, Trigger and Levendi

Norman and Traveller

Nemo and Blu

Mick thought it was a great day to eat hay

Duesy, Merlin and Remmy were having a 3-way bitey face session 

 . . . and then the usual “nothing to see here” faces

Gibson and Flyer

Silver (with Cocomo hiding behind him) and Lotus

George and Asterik

Faune took a nap complete with droopy lower lip

 Asterik and Silver playing

and the “nothing to see here expressions again”
Carter was excited this morning when a dusting had accumulated on the ground. Unfortunately, despite the fact that some flurries were still coming down, this is what it looked like this afternoon.