This morning was one of the rare occasions when I laid in bed and wished I didn’t have to get up. I was warm and cozy under the covers, and Patricia was still paying us a visit.  I made the mistake of getting up and finding my phone so I could check the weather radar while I listened to the rain on the  roof of our house.  Looking at the radar did nothing to help my motivation for getting out of bed. 
The last 3 days have brought off and on rain as the remnants of hurricane Patricia move through the area. Today was more on than off with regards to rain. At times it was raining so little you didn’t need a rain jacket. At other times you definitely needed a good rain jacket with the hood up. I would have put my rain pants on as well but even I found it too warm for that. Instead I just changed clothes a lot. 
The shelters remained largely empty most of the day. From time to time I would see a couple of horses in the shelter but mostly the horses carried on with their usual activities. Unlike me, the horses don’t mind getting wet, in fact most seem to enjoy it.  I’m pretty happy that the rain is finally supposed to move out overnight and someone else can get wet for a few days. That being said, I’ll take getting wet over office politics and rush hour traffic every day.
Cocomo saying to Silver, “play with meeeeee!”

Griselle, Sparky and Bonnie
B-Rad, Nemo, Johnny, Sam and Taco were happily grazing in the rain
Duesy and Remmy (you can see some of Jason’s winter grass seed really greening up)
Hesse and Baner
Asterik just looked wet but George had clearly found some mud
Lucky, Lightning and Slinky had the shelter to themselves while waiting to be fed. The shelters were mostly empty today despite the rain.
Baby and Thomas
Trigger and Chance