some of the big boys grazing; it looks like Tony, Homer, Chance, Hemi, Ivan and Apollo

Not that you can really see them but this is Baby and Elfin.

Levendi and Thomas

hard to see them again but this is Baby, Levendi, Grand, Hemi and Homer

Apollo, Thomas and Hemi

Tony and Chance




Fuzzy, Chili, Murphy, Dutch and Wiz

Wiz playing in the water trough; a favorite pastime of his

and then showing me his wet face

Norman and Lexi


Cuffie up to his pony wiles again, this time with B-Rad

and the ears go back and the teeth come out!

Jo, one of the World’s Cutest Fainting Goats

Winston, Asterik and Romeo hanging out

MyLight, Harmony and Cuffie eating breakfast

Faune and Romeo

Alex and B-Rad are big friends