I’m sure there is no need for me to mention that I am way behind on sharing pictures! All of these pictures are from November.

Jason and I just finished finalizing all of our 2008 information as we are meeting with our CPA tomorrow. Nothing puts me in a grouchier mood than dealing with taxes. So to cheer myself up I thought I would go through some pictures and post them.

Levendi wanted to make sure I got a nice close-up picture of him
Chili, Lightening, Lucky and Buster and Apple relaxing on a nice fall day

Bella the dog with Sebastian, Asterik and Trillion

Fall color

Fence repair – the never ending job when you have miles of wood fence; I’m sure you noticed that Jason is using MY Bear checking out the chainsaw

Bear and Jason loading up the Kubota after completing some fence repairs; Bear loves to ride in the Kubota

Trillion, Faune, Asterik and Ogie hanging out

Trooper, our amazing 3-legged lab mix

Ivan snacking with Chance in the background


Homer and Elfin