I am way behind on sharing my pictures with everyone. I have a month’s worth of pictures of the horses, farm, and various other farm residents to share. Without further ado I will begin uploading a few of my pictures from the last month.

Sparky and Bella
Waiting to be fed on a rainy morning
Sebastian; he has such a cute face

Ivan and Apollo

Elfin, Homer and Finn

Sebastian grazing with a friend

Buffy, Harmony and Teddy

Sebastian, Trillion and Faune bringing up the rear

This was a “Green Acres” moment; my dad was driving around on his Gator with Bugle in the passenger seat as always, with the rooster hitching a ride on the back; The rooster just hung out while dad drove from the barn to my house. I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t seen it for myself. Only on this farm.

Homer and Ivan

Elfin with his mouth stuffed full of grass Leo grazing