We had a big event today! Jason received his U.S. Citizenship today and we attended his citizenship ceremony. For those of you who don’t already know this Jason is a Canadian citizen, but as of today he is a citizen of most of North America. Lucky guy! We celebrated by coming home and putting Trillion doing his dead horse imitation (I From back to front: Elfin, Leo, Ivan, Chance, Tony

Ogie and Poco with his mane going everywhere. I remember taking this picture because we were having our own version of a “mexican standoff.” He had to have Liver Kl’een every morning for five months and it was a rodeo every day to accomplish that task.

“What does a horse have to do in order to get breakfast around here????” L-R Trillion, Sebastian, Asterik, Faune, Ogie


Harmony napping

Grazing; L-R Ivan looking over the fence

Buffy, Harmony, Missy and Teddy