I started to catch up on posting some of my pictures yesterday and will do the same today. I know so many pictures of horses grazing can become very repetitive, but I see something different in each picture. Sometimes it is noticing a new buddy system, or maybe a different expression than I might typically see on a certain horse.

On another note This rooster gets around; yesterday we saw him grazing with Sebastian and riding on the Gator. Today he is grazing with Trillion

Poco, the bane of of my existance. My dad bought him a few years ago at a really low rent flea market. He was going to the TSC store across the street and saw several ponies tied to a trailer. This flea market typically has just cheap junk and he was shocked to see ponies. He took pity on them and their less than stellar condition and bought one. Now I have the pleasure of being the recipient of Poco’s charms every day. He is all pony. I guess I love him anyway, I’m not sure.

I’m not sure if Jason was Clearly Bear wasn’t supervising very closely or surely Jason wouldn’t have been covered in paint

Sebastian peering out of the shed that Jason commenced painting with Bear’s assistance (and of course mine)
I love everything about this picture from the horses’ expressions to the scenery

Moving on to another grazing spot