I am still way behind with all of my pictures so here is yet another attempt at catching up. All of these were taken between September 23rd and September 28th.

As I mentioned in my last picture post Apple was named by Amy who pointed out she had the Macintosh symbol on her forehead. Here is a better picture of Apple and her Mac logo.
Week old chicks
Harmony with Teddy in the background grazing

Poco and Sparky; I still have my morning rodeo with Poco every day giving him his Liver Kl’een. At least we only rodeo once a day now instead of twice!

Sebastian swishing his tail and Faune with his head down grazing

Sebastian and Trillion are on the move; apparently they had places to go and horses to see.

Elfin and Homer

Homer and Ivan


Apollo and Ivan in the next two pictures – inseparable as always

Leo with chance right behind him

Chance and Homer touching noses