I have had a good time watching the dynamics between the mares and the two ponies that share their field. The mares in this field are Buffy, Harmony and MyLight. The ponies in this field are Missy and Cuff Links.

I watched these silly mares maneuver themselves around and continue to try and stake their claim on Cuffie for quite awhile. It was very entertaining. Cuffie mostly ignored all of the jockeying for position around him and carried on in his usual manner – head down and grazing.

Today there didn’t seem to be as much maneuvering for position and everyone seemed to be sharing better. Often Cuffie was in between MyLight and Harmony and the two mares seemed content to share him equally. Buffy has been more possessive of Missy than usual in the last week as she has been adjusting to having MyLight as part of the family. I noticed that Buffy was definitely more relaxed today about allowing others to hang out with Missy.

It was very cute to watch the mares have their stealthy pony wars over the last few days. Yesterday afternoon I was wondering if I would have to move another pony into their group so that each mare could have her very own pony. However they seem to be getting things worked out and learning how to share the ponies!

Grazing together