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I’ve had more than my share of opportunities to be at one with Mother Nature lately. I have to say that lately the weather has been nothing short of perfect for the most part. The temperatures have been lovely, the humidity has been low, and I’ve mostly thought to myself how great it is that I get to work outside.

Alas I am sure you noticed I had to use the phrase “for the most part” when describing our lovely weather. When the great outdoors have decided to be less than perfect the best adjective to describe them would be wet. Two out of the last three days we have been soaked at least once while doing chores. On Friday I was beginning to think the rain was never going to stop. Every time I thought “surely it will stop raining soon” the rain just came down harder. By mid morning on Friday there was not a dry spot on me after 4 hours of working outside in the pouring rain. My jeans were soaked, my rubber boots had about an inch of water in them that cheerfully sloshed around with every step I took (and made me much less cheerful), and my light duty rain jacket was thinking hard about completely failing on me. Unfortunately it was too warm to wear my heavy duty rain jacket that would never dream of letting me down. I should point out that I never thought I would use the word unfortunate combined with the words too warm. Never say never.

I’m quite excited about the next few days that are promising to be back in the perfect range with temperatures in the mid to high 70’s and sunshine.


Norman and Traveller


Murphy, Dutch and Wiz hanging out in the woods

Fuzzy and Renny in the woods

morning sky

Alex, B-Rad and Africa

George, Asterik, Titan and Silver

Lightening and Noble

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