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I suppose I should have come up with a better title for this blog post, but I’ll let you fill it in with your own choice of words. Three guesses to anyone who can come up with Jason’s choice of words, and the first two don’t count.

For reasons I cannot fathom Jason decided to start checking fence posts. He is officially obsessed with posts, or something like that. Or he has some kind of OCD thing going on about posts. Because apparently the last two gate posts we replaced didn’t make him miserable enough so he went searching for more. And he found them.

He announced on Sunday evening that he was going to dismantle something like six sections of fence so he could replace some posts that he found unsatisfactory. I didn’t really question him on it, I just knew I wanted to know as little as possible and stay as far away as I could.

this is why you went to college Jason, you operate the shovel like a pro

When the fence post breaks off in the ground throw the shovel aside in frustration and try to make the front end loader function like a backhoe. I will give him credit and say it worked. He had the tractor standing up on two wheels several times but I don’t think he really cared.

Romeo and Lotus came over to watch

When I abandoned Jason and no longer wished to help Carter volunteered. I love that Carter dressed for work in khaki pants, a rugby shirt and Thomas the Tank Engine boots. Jason and I wear ripped jeans, old t-shirts and boots with holes in them.

All the posts set and nailing up boards

I would say the two major fails of this project were the tractor refusing to start at one point (good thing we have two) and having to take off half the boards after nailing them up because they weren’t level. Jason took the dead tractor in reasonably good humor since he thinks all that is needed is a new battery. On the other hand when he realized one entire line of boards was not level things got ugly. He had to take them down, pound all the nails out, and put them back up again. I told him no one would ever notice that they weren’t perfectly level but he was determined to make himself as miserable as possible. I try with Jason but sometimes you just have to let things run their course.

At one point I had no choice but to help Jason with this project. He needed me to hold the fence boards while he nailed them up. As I was standing behind a post with Jason aiming the nail gun at me from the other side I felt the need to ask him not to miss. Since he has managed to give me a concussion with a feed bag you can imagine my life flashed before my eyes as he aimed a nail gun in my general direction. Fate was on my side and I did not wind up nailed to the fence nor did I have any other undesirable interactions with the nail gun.

Like I said when I started this post, SSDD.


Cocomo showing George that salt tray and explaining that the salt isn’t actually in the tray anymore (he kindly dumped it out)

Cocomo and Lofty

Elfin and Trigger

Thomas and Ritchie

Timbit invited himself into the paddock again just in time to photobomb this picture of Rubrico and River.

Lotus and Romeo

Duesy and Bruno being silly; Merlin was ignoring them

B-Rad, Alex and Darby

Bergie and Kennedy

Cuffie watching the sun rise

it has been nice to see the sun the last few mornings instead of the clouds and rain we saw every morning last week

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