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Back to the Grind

After having a reprieve from the dental days since spring we are back at it again. Today was our first fall dental appointment. There was a good chance we were going to get wet today however all of the rain went around us and we had perfect weather all day. Word got out early that something was up as we put halters on at breakfast time on the horses that were having their teeth floated today. When the halters go on the suspicion starts and the gossip flies.

Romeo and Lotus grazing quietly; the halters were on but nothing was happening . . . yet

Cocomo and Silver watching one of the early “victims”

Cocomo started to go on high alert . . .

. . . Silver left

Although it was a very long day – I’ve officially been working for 15 hours as I type this – I have to say the horses were good. They were good about being caught and good for the dentist. The worst we had to deal with was some power walking in the opposite direction when the horses saw us coming to catch them. Even Jason couldn’t find much to complain about aside from the extra long day and that’s saying something. We have a couple more dental days to go and then we can officially be done with teeth floating for the year. I will admit I am anxiously awaiting the last dental day.


Faune was the first patient of the day. Faune is huge, look at the size of his head in relation to the dentist



Walden and Merlin

Lucky and O’Reilly

Tony and Baby

Silky, Calimba and Lily

Maisie always positions herself for pretty morning sunrise pictures

Clayton and Kennedy grooming

Thomas and Trigger


Stormy and Kennedy napping with Oskar grazing; in the background Largo is standing and Clayton is napping next to Donovan

a closer view of Donovan and Clayton

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