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Buck Toothed Doe

I have mentioned before that the number of deer that call our farm home is impressive. It has gotten to the point that they aren’t even scared of us anymore. We can walk past them, drive past them in the car, or ride past them on the tractor and they hardly flick an ear as we pass by. “Oh, it’s just them again.”

There is one doe in particular that we see pretty regularly. Or maybe I should say we know we see her regularly because of her identifying features. She has a really long nose, quite an underbite, and also appears to have some pretty significant buck teeth.

Jason first noticed her last fall. He was having a bout of the stomach flu courtesy of the world’s cutest vector, Carter. As is the case when you have the stomach flu, Jason was spending more than his share of time sitting on the toilet (truly a magnificent mental picture you have now, right?) Anyway, as Jason was ensconced on the toilet for another extended session he was passing the time by looking out the window located near the toilet. A doe wandered up and basically looked in the window at him.

Jason excitedly called me into the bathroom. “Melissa, Melissa you have to come here and see this!” From the excitement in his voice I was thinking he felt it necessary to show me that he had finally had a solid bowel movement after two days of having exactly the opposite. The last thing I was expecting was for him to be jabbering away as he sat on the toilet about a deer. He went on about a deer with an underbite and buck teeth while pointing out the window. Unfortunately she had moved on by the time I made it to the bathroom (I thought I was going to look at a #2 so I wasn’t exactly in a hurry to get in there). However Jason had other opportunities to show off his deer to me and whenever we see deer on the farm we always check to see if “our” buck toothed doe with the big underbite is among them.

I had another sighting of her tonight as I drove along the driveway towards the front barn to medicate a horse for the last time before it got dark. Several deer were grazing and slowly meandering their way across the driveway. As I sat in the car waiting for them to pass one deer stopped right in front of the car and looked at me for a minute. I knew who she was right away as I saw the long nose, underbite and buck teeth.

She had two fawns with her and after she had acknowledged me (I think we have a tentatively friendly relationship with her at this point) she led her family to the creek for a drink. I’m pretty sure the fawns have her same identifying dental features. Apparently she breeds true to her type. Paradigm Farms is not only home to the World’s Cutest Fainting Goats, we are also the home to the World’s Most Buck Toothed Doe With An Underbite.


Gibson and Lotus

Cuffie and Norman


Sebastian and Sam

Duesy, Bruno and Merlin

the peanut gallery that was watching us

mares running in V formation; L-R Maisie, MyLight, Cinnamon in the lead, Calimba and Dolly

Africa, Darby and Alex

Thomas and Apollo

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