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Celebrating with Sparklers

I have written about this before, but like most people with pets and livestock, the 4th of July is not our favorite holiday. Obviously we appreciate the meaning of the day, it is the fireworks that accompany the day that we dread. I’m thankful that over 11 years of boarding retirees we have never had a 4th of July incident. We have occasionally had horses that are very alert and watchful, but they’ve never moved into flight mode and started running. In fact. most years the horses completely ignore the lights and noise. Apparently the horses really feel safety in numbers, and being in groups helps them feel secure. All that said, we never know if this year will be the year that a horse(s) decides to get really worked up and hurt themselves.

Usually by the time the 4th rolls around most of the creatures on Paradigm Farms are immune to the fireworks. All of the previews that happen on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd are good at getting them acclimated to the sights and sounds. I am happy to report that we made it through another 4th of July unscathed at the farm. My running joke every year is that I am going to run around on the 5th of July with a sparkler to celebrate the fact that we made it through another 4th. I’ve never managed to run up and down the driveway with my sparkler, but one of these years I’m actually going to carry through with my promise. Yes, I know, pictures or it didn’t happen. One of these days . . .

Thomas and Apollo


Lily and Maisie grooming


Trigger, Chance and Convey


Toledo and Ripley


Squirrel and Sushi


Cisco and Levendi


Cocomo and Silver


Dawn and Cinnamon


Renatta and Calimba


Rip and Grand


Chance, Revy and King made a pretty picture with their sunset grazing


Taylor grazing, Alfie napping . . .


. . . a closer look at Alfie


Digby, Paramount, Happy, Johnny and Lighty waiting to be fed

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