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Cookie Encounter

While I was running some errands yesterday I stopped at one of my favorite local bakeries, the Puffy Muffin, to get a box of cookies as a “thank you” for a couple of people. Since I’m only human I decided to get a “thank you” for myself as well. I selected a triple chocolate chunk cookie with powdered sugar on top. Even though I have the biggest sweet tooth imaginable I rarely eat anything with sugar. Diabetes runs in my family and that is something I wish to avoid if at all possible. So whenever I get a cookie or some other type of sugary treat I try to make sure it is something really good.

In hindsight I was a little too excited to eat my sugared up treat. My initial plan was to take my cookie home and eat it after dinner, however I abandoned that plan as soon as I got in my car and decided the time to eat the cookie was now. In my anxiousness to eat my cookie apparently I took a deep breath right before I took my first bite. I did this with the cookie almost in my mouth because suddenly, instead of savoring my first bite of my triple chocolate chunk cookie, I was seized by a massive coughing fit as I inhaled a mouthful of powdered sugar.

I could not stop coughing as the powdered sugar clung to my throat with incredible tenacity. It is amazing how many thoughts you can have in an incredibly short amount of time when you feel like the end is near. As I coughed and choked on my powdered sugar with what felt like no end in sight I had the thought “is this the end? This is how I go? It surely doesn’t end this way? Death by powdered sugar? Shouldn’t death by sugar be more enjoyable?”

I had lots of other random thoughts. Some profound, most kind of pointless. Once the coughing finally began to slow down and I was sure I was going to live, one of my thoughts was “I can’t get sick from this, I have too much to do. I have to take all the blankets off tomorrow.”

Yes, in case you wondering what all of this had to do with horses and the farm, one of the things that flashed through my mind was that I didn’t have time to die from powdered sugar or get pneumonia from inhaling it, The temperature was finally returning to a more acceptable level and I already had my whole day planned out, including taking off blankets. Remember that viral video that was going around social media a few months ago, “ain’t nobody got time for that.” Exactly. Melissa does’t have time for this choking nonsense, she has blankets to take off.

As you have already figured out on your own I did manage to live through what shall forever be known as the “powdered sugar incident” with no lasting ill effects. The blankets were taken off, and all is well. But it was a close call there for awhile.


Merlin watching Sam doing his post-meal air licking

Lighty and Mick playing

Sebastian and Sam

Romeo and Donneur playing

Chance and Leo

Remmy found it very interesting to have his picture taken. Hesse and Walden on the other hand were not interested at all.

More pictures of blanket destruction. Cocomo trying to help Faune remove his blanket. I am happy to say that no blankets were harmed in the making of these pictures.

Johnny, Africa and Taco

Renny and Dutch

Sparky and Griselle. With four exceptions all of the blankets came off this afternoon. The horses were happy about this.

Leo, Baby, Trigger, Moe and Apollo enjoying the sun this afternoon

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