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Crepe Myrtles = Yummy

Some new landscaping was put in around the barn yesterday. The beds were redone and two new crepe myrtles were planted on either side of the driveway at the entrance to the barn. It all looks lovely and my dad especially is quite pleased with how everything turned out. I’ll be honest I’ve never given 2 seconds of thought to any landscaping and was a bit surprised when the crew showed up and started landscaping away. However even I will say it does look nice.

My dad and I went to dinner together Monday evening since Jason and my mom were both otherwise occupied (we had mexican food – yummy!). As my dad was driving down the driveway towards the barn and my house we noticed a lot of ‘activity’ around the crepe myrtles. Bubba the goat was ramming his horns into one of them. He loves to ram things, especially his house. Mina had wedged herself in between the branches of the other one and was furiously eating the bark. Jo and Billy were standing on their hind legs eating leaves. I hope the trees make it. When someone from the landscaping company came by today to check on everything he said to my dad that the deer had already attacked the crepe myrtles and one in particular had really taken a beating. Dad said he didn’t have the heart to tell the poor guy that it wasn’t deer but our pet goats (this guy and his crew worked HARD digging the holes and planting these trees).

Needless to say my dad did not take the sight of his brand new trees being destroyed very well. Not well at all. The World’s Cutest Fainting Goats, along with their friends Billy and Bubba the stray goats, are now banished to their paddock. Their paddock is quite nice, a half acre overflowing with grass and they have three goat houses to choose from. Usually their gate is left open and they are allowed to entertain themselves and wander around the barn, my house, and their paddock at will. Every time they saw me today there was much screaming and bleating from their gate as they demanded to be let out. It was apparently a very bad day to be a goat here today. Unfortunately I have no pictures of the event, which is probably for the best. I don’t think my dad needs any reminders at this point.

I love Tony’s droopy lower lip, he was quite relaxed when I took his picture. His nickname is of course Tony the Tiger. When I was a little kid Tony the Tiger was the mascot in the Frosted Flakes commercials. (they’re grrrrreat!)

Elfin (The Instigator), Homer (Homey, Home Fry, Homeboy) and Levendi (Mr. Crankypants)


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