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Happy Birthday MyLight

We ended up celebrating a week and a half late but it is never too late for a party! MyLight turned 19 on February 21st. MyLight is a thoroughbred mare who started her career on the race track and finished her career as a dressage horse. To read more about MyLight

It was a windy and overcast day on Wednesday, the day of our birthday celebration. However nothing brightens my day like a piece of cake, I will admit I love cake. Carrot cake is not my favorite but I am a HUGE fan of the cream cheese icing (I love it so much I don’t care if it goes straight to my thighs)! MyLight was not in love with her piece of cake and I think she spit out more than she actually ate. Buffy and Lily were the same way. Harmony and Missy refused to eat any at all. Cuffie on the other hand would have eaten the whole cake if we had let him. That was a surprise since he wouldn’t touch his carrot cake when we celebrated his birthday last year!

Cuffie did not patiently wait his turn; here he is trying to sneak in and grab the birthday girl’s cake

Cuffie was quite happy to celebrate MyLight’s birthday; he was all over the carrot cake

Buffy having some cake

Unlike Wednesday, today was a very nice day, bright sunshine and pleasant temperatures. That was nice since we spent the day with the farrier. With only a few exceptions we are a blanket and sheet free zone on the farm again as of today. The horses love this, it makes it so much easier to grind the dirt into their long winter hair. Every day I see more shedding horses and I am very much looking forward to having a farm full of summer coats in a few weeks. It is so much easier to groom them when they are really dirty when they don’t have a long, fuzzy coat.

Jason and I spent a few hours at our new farm over the weekend. We’re trying to work out our plans for fencing. At this point we still agree on only one thing: where the perimeter fence will go. Yes, I do realize there isn’t exactly a lot of decision making to be done on the location of the perimeter fence! Actually we’re in agreement on two things, the location of the perimeter fence and that it will be a wood fence. I was lobbying for no climb horse mesh with a board on top but I do agree with Jason that as far as aesthetics a wood fence on the perimeter is a lot prettier.

Another topic that tends to disintegrate quickly is when we discuss the layout of the barn. Jason thinks the barn should be all stalls and nothing else. I look at him in disbelief as I can’t fathom how in the world he can possibly think that is a good thing. He thinks there should be a separate small building for feed, tack, supplies, etc. I haven’t yet heard where the wash stall is supposed to be, maybe in one of the run-in sheds in the pasture? These discussions are entertaining even if they are not always productive. I look forward to the day when all of this is already built and done . . . I wonder what the odds are of that happening by next week??!

The moon looked pretty behind purple clouds

Faune and Sebastian

MyLight enjoying a good roll

Like Elfin she rolls on one side, sits up like a dog and “walks” to her other side and then rolls again

Buffy enjoyed a nap in the sun; MyLight and Missy graze in the background



Thomas and Homer; I had the pleasure of grooming Homer and trying to find the horse underneath the dried mud. It was one of those grooming sessions where your teeth are full of grit and the barn aisle was covered in a layer of dirt with the exception of where his hooves had been. He rolled again as soon as I put him back out.

Levendi, Apollo and Ivan

Baby and Trigger with Leo in the background


Buffy and Harmony


Missy and Cuffie


Buster and Beulah


Winston and Faune

Traveller, Norman, Lexi and Bonnie; it must be hard to lead such a stressful life


Some of the Big Boys hanging out

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