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Incredible Journey

Jason made a quick trip to the small gas station/convenience store that is about a mile from our farm to get diesel this afternoon. As he pulled in he saw a man standing next to his horse who was standing quietly, ground tied, a few feet off the highway. Jason was quite impressed by the fact that his horse just stood there quietly with traffic whizzing by a few feet away so he went over to have a chat.

Angel “parallel parked” on Main Street in Franklin, TN; photo credit to the Franklin Theatre

The horse’s name was Angel and Jason said she was very friendly and she looked fabulous. Her weight was excellent, she was beautifully groomed, and her eyes were bright and happy. Angel and her owner have ridden over 4,500 miles together as they have made their way around the United States. Apparently the man had a stroke and he realized how short life could be, and he had always wanted to see the country from horseback. So he set off on his horse and 4,500 miles later here they are. He also wanted to show other stroke victims that life can go on after such a devastating event.

in Columbia, TN; photo credit to the Columbia Daily Herald

Jason certainly enjoyed his brief conversation with Angel’s owner. I wish I had taken a quick trip to the store with him today instead of staying at the farm. You just never know who you will end up talking to if you take a minute to say hello.


hello from Dutch

mares hanging out; Cinnamon, MyLight and Silky

Leo and Chance


I always wonder who has their head buried in the hay…

…it was Sebastian!

Sam on the go

Johnny, Alex and B-Rad on the move

the view to start the day; Asterik, Gus, Titan, Winston, Romeo and Lotus

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