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It Takes a Village

Actually, it takes a community, or so it seems at our new farm ! As many of you know, Melissa and I have been splitting our days up of late. One of us stays here and the other one goes to Lynnville to work at our new place. Lately, I’ve been spending the majority of my spare time building out the interior of the barn, so I have been “commuting”. I think I’ve mentioned before that the community in which we’re located is an amalgam of upper crust hunt folk and normal, rural farm people. Regardless of who they are or which group they belong to, they’re all friendly and many of them are curious about what we’re up to. At some point during each day I’ve spent working at our new farm, one or more vehicles of various types have driven down our lane and come to a stop in front of our new barn. I’m never quite sure what sort of person is likely to emerge until the vehicle pulls up in front of the barn. It’s little short of amazing to me just how broad a spectrum of humanity has taken an interest in what we’re doing, especially given the small size of the community. I’ve greeted folks wearing everything from full camo (it’s turkey season) to bib overalls to suits, ties and cravats ! Their professions range from retired engineer to landscaper, farmer, farm helper, huntsman at one of the local foxhunts (no kidding, and an Englishman to boot), storekeeper, lineman for the local electric co-op, restauranteur, and everything in between. After they’ve gotten out and admired everything, we usually spend some time propped up on the fence learning a little bit about one another. Often, they share a piece of history about themselves by telling a story about something they’ve done or someone they’ve known who lived at one time on our farm. This never fails to put a smile on my face. Many times I’ve thought that the community where our new farm is located reminds me of the place in which I grew up thirty years ago. I’m enjoying meeting everyone very much, and I have met a lot of very good people. The only thing we look forward to more than meeting everyone is being considered a productive member of the community and a good neighbour. We’re going to work hard to make sure both things happen sooner rather than later.

Murphy and Spike checking each other out while grazing

Asterik, Alex, B-Rad, Ogie, Winston and Faune

Slinky, Snappy and O’Reilly

Lily made good use of the morning dew; dew + dirt = very dirty grey mare!

Lightening and Teddy



Jo and Mina, World’s Cutest Fainting Goats

MyLight, Harmony and Missy

Clay and Wiz

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