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Lost and Found

You might recall reading about Jason’s lost wallet on New Year’s Eve. He ripped the pocket off a pair of jeans when he was getting off the blue tractor. He didn’t realize until too late what had happened. Unfortunately he was not only down a pocket, he was also down a wallet as well.

When he told me what happened I started rattling off places to look. Did you look on the tractor? Did you look under the seat of the tractor? Did you look in the pasture? Did you look by the fence?

We spent hours walking through the pasture he had been in on the tractor looking for his wallet. Of course he had driven all the way from the back of the farm to the front of the farm, and then back again, on the tractor. I hiked the mile long driveway more than once looking for Jason’s wallet. We knew the wallet was on the farm because he hadn’t left the farm that day. Despite all of our efforts to find the missing wallet it stubbornly refused to be found.

It refused to be found until today that is. Over six months later when he wasn’t even looking for his wallet, when he had long ago forgotten about the wallet and the hassle of replacing everything in the wallet, Jason found his wallet.

Do you want to know where he found it?

If you revisit the list of places I told him to look above, place #1 was on the tractor and place #2 was under the seat of the tractor. Unknown to Jason he has spent the last 6+ months driving around on the blue tractor with his wallet under the seat. Since it had been well protected from the elements his wallet was perfectly intact, as were all of the contents. Not that it mattered much since, aside from the cash, the contents had been replaced.

As I walked up to the back barn this afternoon Jason excitedly told me he found his wallet. When I asked where he found it he pointed at the tractor. “It was under the seat of the tractor. And it was in perfect condition!”

I’m not exactly sure what facial expression I was conveying as I listened to this since I had a lot of things going through my mind that I mostly chose not to say. The one comment I couldn’t hold back was “you mean your wallet was exactly where I told you to look all along? Exactly where you said you looked? We spent hours and hours and hours walking through the fields and the driveways and it was in the very first place I told you to look all along?”

At this point Jason started getting a little less excited and a little defensive. “It was in a place I could never, ever see it without looking.” My reply was “that was kind of the point, right? That you needed to LOOK?”

According to Jason the seat of the tractor suddenly felt lose and tilted today so he wedged himself up under the seat trying to find the loose bolt that must be causing the problem. Instead he found his wallet. Better late than never I guess.


Lotus, Silver and Cocomo being wild before breakfast

Cocomo and Asterik

Alex, Sebastian and Lighty

Renny and Murphy waiting for breakfast


Donneur and Lofty

Bruno and Duesy

Gibson and Flyer

Walden and Fabrizzio

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