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Marriage Building

This weekend was full of what I like to refer to as marriage building exercises. Marriage building exercises are big jobs around the farm, or simply time-consuming, pain in the rear type of jobs that are best done with two people. Generally they involve a lot of time, aggravation, frustration, unforeseen problems (and I must admit bad language as well). This weekend our projects consisted of replacing a sheared fence post that Jason hit while bush hogging (oops) and installing some tile drain to get rid of the lake in the alley between several of the pastures.

The lake in the alley has been getting worse and worse and worse. I was getting ready to install a diving board and maybe a nice deck with some sun chairs. It went all the way across the alley so it was unavoidable, and every time a tractor or piece of equipment was driven through it it kept getting deeper. Leading horses through it was fun!

Our friend Mark running the ditch witch

Placing the pipe in the ditch

One completely sheared fence post. We had to finish the job of shearing the post ourselves in order to dig the bottom part out as the fence posts are set in concrete. We thought about trying to pull it out with the front loader of the tractor but it was cracked enough that we were pretty sure it would simply break the rest of the way instead of pulling out of the ground.

One new post and two rebuilt fence sections

Early morning scene before the fog had completely cleared; Asterk, Ogie and Sebastian

Another early morning scene; Lucky, Snappy and Chili grazing with the flock of visiting geese behind them

O’Reilly has a morning graze with the geese

Sebastian, Trillion, Winston, Asterik and Faune grazing before breakfast

Sebastian and Asterik enjoying the afternoon sunshine

Apollo trotting through the pasture

Snappy, Teddy, O’Reilly and Slinky

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