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More Construction

After the experience of building our farm literally from the ground up I’ve been able to sum up my feelings about building things and non-stop construction projects pretty easily. I don’t ever want to hear “where do you want this to go” or “I need a check” ever again. After living through the building of six miles of fence, three barns, six run-in sheds, and putting in almost a mile of water lines I’m pretty much over anything to do with construction. And of course we had to fight discuss extensively where all of these things were going to be built. Needless to say since Jason and I are both highly opinionated people we had ample opportunity to have a lot of fights spirited discussions.

With the passing of my father a few weeks ago this has led to a lot of decisions that need to be made. One of those decisions included the ongoing care of my dad’s little group of pet cows. My dad bought and sold cattle for years but he kept a handful of them permanently with Buster being the one everyone knows the best.

Last week we had heavy equipment in our lives again as we had land cleared to make a future pasture for Buster and friends. A weeks’ worth of continual loud noise and crashing trees was well worth it. Jason and I were quite pleased to realize just how much good land was lurking in all of the scrub trees and brush behind the creek. The end result will be a nice 15 acre pasture with good grass and lots of natural shade and shelter. Our bulldozer operator did a fabulous job of clearing the land, removing the stumps,and making things very smooth. He also did a good job of not just going through and razing everything, but instead cleared out all of the scrub and brush but left the good shade trees.

Jason spent all day on the tractor yesterday seeding our freshly cleared land. The next steps will be fencing it in and running a water line to the pasture. I feel the need to celebrate the fact that we will be adding another mile of fence (that was written with heavy sarcasm) to our farm. And of course Jason and I were recently lamenting the fact that it had been far too long since we had put in water lines. I mean, who wouldn’t want to repeat this experience:

Yep, I’m just thrilled to be back in the construction zone again.


before picture

same view as above, after picture

ready for grass seed

The bulldozer guy found another big rock. I was just happy that Jason and I did not personally have to deal with it. Jason looks quite happy about that as well.


Buster says “I’m sexy and I know it”

retired cows spend their days much the same as the retired horses, lots of napping involved


the foggy morning view

Walden, Lucky and Fabrizzio waiting for breakfast


MyLight and Silky coming on the run

Silky was followed by Cuff Links and Calimba

Calimba had her ears back looking aerodynamic

Oskar and Grand were being WILD and playing hard

Moe and Homer hanging out

Largo and Bergie waiting for breakfast

Alex andDarby

Murphy, Dutch, Wiz, Sam, Johnny and Lighty having a group hangout session

the neighboring pasture had a group nap session; Gus, Lotus, Silver, Winston and Romeo were napping while George and Faune grazed beside them

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