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Quarantine Birthday

Jason had a birthday over the weekend. When you can’t go shopping it makes acquiring birthday presents and a birthday cake a bit harder than normal. There is  fantastic, gluten free restaurant near us that makes amazing cakes. Even better they have a drive through window which makes picking up the cake extra easy. Since quarantine parties are hard to make fun I thought I would get Jason a really good cake. I told the owner of the restaurant to make it really good and surprise me. She made this five layer chocolate creation complet with chocolate chip cookies and chocolate fudge brownies on top. Yes, the cake was as good as it looks in the picture below.

The only problem was the top three layers of the cake shifted a bit as I was driving home. I  was careful to put the box on the floor of the car and wedge it in so the box wouldn’t move but the cake managed to shift anyway. Thankfully the slippage seemed minor. We sang happy birthday, Jason blew out the candles, and we each had a piece of cake. We were all happily enjoying cake when we heard a loud THUNK behind us. Apparently the cake had shifted some more after we cut into it, and half the cake fell to the floor with a thud that seemed far too loud to be coming from a cake. As it turned out, I had the box that the cake came in sitting on the floor directly underneath where I had set the cake on the counter. The half of the cake that fell at least fell into the box instead of hitting the floor and splattering everywhere.

Half of an epic birthday cake hitting the floor seems to be in keeping with the year 2020. In addition to his amazing cake, I got Jason the shirt pictured below. He’s such a cat person (<——– sarcasm for those who don’t know Jason well) I know he will wear his birthday shirt pictured below with happiness and pride.

L-R Ascot, Taco, Bear, Quigly, Happy, Lighty and Indy

same crew still on the move


Cocomo and Silver

Ralph and Donneur


Romeo and Lotus

Fendi and Silver

Gibson, George and Moses

Gus and Ralph

Lotus and Doni

Johnny and Sam

Elf and Indy

Taco, Elf, Indy and Sebastian

Paramount, Ascot and Lighty

Blu and B-Rad

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