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Quick Post

I’m running short on time this evening and I’ve yet to make out my farrier list for tomorrow so this will be a quick post. It has been one of those typical weeks where you feel like you are trying to cram two weeks into one after you’ve been away. I don’t actually mind that as I like to be busy (Jason says I have an “active mind”), but I have enough going on in a normal week so I’m not usually looking for something to do!

Jason and I just finished doing a quick cleaning of the house as we have a house guest coming tomorrow afternoon. I kept reminding Jason today about cleaning the house and he always acted like I was making a mountain out of a molehill. So when he finally agreed it was time to clean he says “all we need to do is vacuum.” Ummmmm, not quite Jason. The counter tops are so covered up in your junk you can’t even see them so we need to pick it all up and put it away. The bathroom needs to be cleaned. We need to dust and clean all of the furniture. Then we need to vacuum, and follow that up with the mop.

Jason’s response: “Why do you make this so complicated?” Argh! I wanted to say something really snarky in response but I (mostly) refrained. You see, I am the neat freak and Jason is the ultimate slob. I like to joke that he has broken me, as it was giving me nervous breakdowns trying to keep the house to my standards when we were first married.

Enough about us and our housekeeping and back to horses. Not a lot to report which is always nice. Knocking on every piece of wood in sight, everyone is happy and healthy. The pony wars have continued although they’ve calmed down a bunch. Cuff Links continues to be the coveted pony as he is shuffled back and forth between MyLight and Harmony. However I have noticed this week that they actually seem content to share him for the most part. Cuffie often finds himself as the middle part of a sandwich between the two mares. I’m not sure that he would necessarily choose that position but he seems to roll with it.

Bonnie and Lexi continue to play so enthusiastically with their water trough that they tip it over at least three times a day. I’ve tried tying it to the fence, propping the trough up high on wood blocks to make it harder for them to get their feet in, putting floating objects in the water to try and divert them, one afternoon a couple of years ago I sat there with a longe whip and would snap it at them if they did anything other than drink water (what a total waste of my time as they just thought that was a game too), and other things that I’m forgetting. Did I mention that the cute factor of the water trough games wore off a LONG time ago?

I watched Apollo and Ivan playing in the pond this afternoon. Apollo is 18.1 hands so when he slaps the water with his front legs it really makes a splash! His buddy Ivan thinks that is fantastic and slaps the water back at him enthusiastically. The other boys were starting to wander over to join in the water games but unfortunately I had to get back to work scrubbing water troughs so I am sure I missed a lot of the fun.

Off to make my farrier list for tomorrow . . .

Missy, Buffy, MyLight and Harmony (Cuffie was to the side and I couldn’t fit him in the picture)

Sebastian in the back, Trillion, Winston, Faune, Ogie and Asterik in the front

Snappy; I need to write a post about him one day. He has competed around the world and been ridden by some very big time riders.

Slinky and Clay

My three girls; Lexi, Bonnie (the water trough destroyers) and Bridget

Lightening; our representative of the Arabian breed

When I took this picture a couple of days ago I remember thinking it would be really cute, Ivan and Apollo contentedly strolling through the pasture together. Instead I cut their legs off and mostly got a picture of the trees. Something clearly went wrong.


Asterik and Winston

Apple; named by one of the Amy’s because of the Mac symbol on her forehead. This picture didn’t capture it very well.


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