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Shopping for Oscar

As everyone now knows, our stray and feral cat Oscar returned to the fold last week. Oscar was most unhappy about Ewen’s appearance in our lives. He expressed his displeasure by not showing up for several weeks. I asked Jason anywhere from one to twenty times per day if he thought Oscar was ok. It would not be an understatement to say that he was tired of being asked the same question about Oscar over and over and over.

There is a little bit of history to that question. Periodically, only during spring, summer and fall, Oscar will disappear for anywhere from a a couple of days to 2 or 3 weeks. His absences causes much angst and discussion in the Webb household. “Have you seen Oscar? Have you heard Oscar? Do you think Oscar is ok?”

We are three years into our relationship and patterns with Oscar. Jason has ceased to be concerned when Oscar takes a brief hiatus from our lives. I still freak out about it. We always have the same conversation about it:

Melissa: Do you think Oscar is ok?

Jason: (accompanied by a loud sigh of exasperation) Oscar is fine. He’ll come back when he’s hungry.

Melissa: Do you think Oscar has gotten hurt? Surely you don’t think he’s dead?

Jason: In a few weeks I might think that. I don’t think that now. (insert Jason rolling his eyes and talking in irritated tones)

Melissa: I can’t help but worry about him.

Jason: Oscar should have stepped up his game a long time ago.

Melissa: What do you even mean by that??

Jason: Oscar has shown zero interest in being friends or friendly with us. He could have been coming in the house whenever he wanted for years, yet we still can’t even touch him or get near him. Oscar could have stepped up his game a long time ago.

Melissa: Why do you have to be so insensitive to Oscar’s needs?

Jason: usually walks away with his hands in the air at this point

When we were running errands and shopping at Costco a few days ago I found it ironic that Jason got all excited when he noticed that cases of “Oscar food” were on sale. Oscar eats only canned food, preferably pates, and we buy this by the case of 48 cans for him at Costco. (I should point out here that our two indoor cats, the one we can actually pet and interact with, eat dry cat food.) We exited Costco with not one, but two, cases of Oscar food. He is well stocked with 96 cans of pate for awhile. This doesn’t last as long as one might think since Oscar eats anywhere from 2 to 4 cans per day. He is an expensive feral cat.

Since he reappeared last week and decided he would have to deal with Ewen’s presence, he has been coming around every day. One day he came in the morning and the evening. That was a 5 can day for Oscar. He lets us know he wants more food by looking in the kitchen door at us. If he’s done he leaves. If he wants more, he stares. We are very well trained.


Jason took this picture of Oscar yesterday with his phone. It was the closest Oscar has ever allowed Jason. I’ve been with 3 feet of him a couple of times, but in general he prefers that we provide his food (within his very specific guidelines of course) and then keep our distance.

Trigger, Moe and Tony

Rubrico, Walon, Donovan and Oskar

Happy, Wasabi, Murphy and Nemo

Wendolynn and MyLight

Remmy offering to remove Baner’s halter

Bruno and Merlin






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