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Sometimes I Amaze Even Myself

Two days ago I was preparing to feed everyone dinner. I made a quick trip to the compost pile to empty my muck bucket and I noticed the horses in the neighboring field were in the woods hanging out. No big deal, they love to go in there and explore and nap, they do it all the time. So I am standing there watching them with a smile on my face until I notice one horse is down on the ground. And he’s not moving. I knew right away it was Trillion because he is the only dark horse in that group. Trillion is a bay and everyone else is a gray or chestnut. He should have had his blanket on and actually been a dark green horse with some bay parts sticking out, but Trillion has been known to remove a blanket before according to his mom.

I start calling his name hoping he was just napping but he doesn’t move. I scream his name and no movement, nothing. I noticed Sebastian and Asterik were hanging around him and I started really freaking out. “Oh no, he’s died and they are staying with the body.” I am crashing my way through the woods at this point with all sorts of horrible things going through my mind. “Dear God what happened? What am I going to tell his family? I’m going to miss him so much. How can this be happening?” and etc.

Just as I am preparing to climb the fence I notice something out of the corner of my eye. Of all things, a dark green horse with bay parts sticking out – Trillion!!!!!!! I was overcome with joy and was crying tears of happiness. Since I was much closer now to what I originally thought was deceased Trillion I looked more closely and realized it was a big log. I took a decade off of my life over a downed log in the woods. The sun was setting when I originally noticed “Trillion” but gosh, my eyes aren’t that old and surely aren’t that tired. It has taken me a couple of days to see the humor in this.

You can see why from a lot further away than this I might mistake this for a dead horse . . . or maybe not

Sebastian and Asterik grazing around “Trillion”

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