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Spring Jobs

It never really feels like spring until I start bathing and body clipping horses. Some horses are unlucky enough to find themselves getting a bath and getting clipped. The rest of the horses have better luck and only have to put up with getting a bath. The horses that get the works with a bath and a body clip all have Cushing’s/PPID and don’t fully shed out their coats. However not all of the Cushing’s horses require being clipped.

On the body clipping front I’m more than halfway done. Lucky, Lightning, Maisie and Lily have all been clipped and I think that only leaves me with 2 or 3 more horses to be body clipped. I haven’t looked at my list in case I have forgotten anyone. Right at this moment I would like to continue thinking I am almost done whether it is actually true or not. Between shedding out horses, bathing horses and body clipping horses lately I end my days covered in so much horse hair it is ridiculous. However it beats being cold so I’ll take it.


Lucky’s body clip in progress

Lightning before; very hairy and wet

Lightning’s first side well on its way to being completely clipped. I think he had pooped about six times at this point.

Rip looking oh so happy about having a bath

Maisie’s body clip in progress

Her coat underneath all of the hair was super shiny

somehow no pictures of Lily were taken, but here is about half the hair that was clipped off

Calimba and MyLight

Tony, Trigger and Grand

Thomas, Hemi and Apollo

Cinnamon and Norman

Donneur, George and Gus looked pretty as the sun was rising

Flyer and Faune in the morning sun

Timbit and Griselle


Homer and Moe

Our newest resident Duesy wanted Walden in front of him as a shield while was staring at Sparky the donkey across the driveway

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