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The Answer Is; Double Duty

In my last post I mentioned that I finally picked up a calculator to determine the average age of a resident on our farm. Our youngest residents are well under the age of 10 and our most elderly residents are well into their 30’s. There were some accurate guesses as to the average age in the comments and undoubtedly the suspense has been killing everyone.

And the answer is . . .

drumroll please . . .

19 years old!

Interestingly the average age and the median age are probably pretty close to the same number. Maybe one day I’ll motivate myself to pick up the calculator again and see what the median age is. There are other numbers that would be interesting as well such as average age at time of retirement. I have a number in my head that I think is correct but I’ve never actually checked to see if I am accurate.


Today was a busy day at the farm and we ended up with double duty. One of our farriers was here in the morning and then the vet was here this afternoon. We had a few horses that needed to see the vet for vaccines, follow up checks on various things, etc. Between the farrier in the morning and the vet in the afternoon I told Jason that we’ll be lucky if the horses even come up to get fed tomorrow. They were pretty put out with us by the end of the day today.

ready and waiting for meal time; George, Asterik, Titan, Gus, Silver, Faune, Winston and Lotus

Murphy and Chili; excuse the black spot in some of the pictures. I’ve tried cleaning the lense of my camera several times but it still appears. We may be stuck with it for awhile.

Kennedy and Tiny

Sebastian, Chili, Renny and Fuzzy

It has been very dry here for about a month. We finally had a bit of much needed rain last night and Moe made the most of it. Instead of muddy brown he should be the same color as Lily, the gray mare in the background!

Cinnamon and Traveller

Maisie and Norman



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